Policies & QA


We are aware of the importance and impact on the success of a project that safety dictates and therefore, we emphasise our commitment to safety on all projects through our Safety Policy and Safe Work Practices by ensuring:

  • Employees receive induction training to meet with Company Standards, general Construction Industry Standards and site specific requirements.
  • Employees receive on-going training.
  • Auditing of Safety Procedures and Policy is undertaken regularly and training updated in changes to safety requirements.
  • Site specific Safety Plan for every project.
  • Attendance at safety meetings.
Quality Assurance

We have a fully implemented quality management system in operation.

We have and will continue to further develop and refine our Quality Assurance in line with changes in the Industry, Statutory laws and our own commitment to achieving the highest quality and reliability at the lowest practicable cost.

Achieving this quality is the prime responsibility of all our employees and as such all management and employees with the Company are encouraged to be totally involved with our Quality Assurance programme.

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy addresses the need to protect environmentally sensitive areas to comply with legislative requirements and to ensure waste reduction programmes and environmental controls are implemented in accordance with our Policy and Procedures.

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